Massage cream “АN-NUSHKA”®

60,00 UAH

Product Description: for different massage kinds: hygienic, anti-cellulite, cosmetic, sports.

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Release form: homogeneous mass without impurities

Where to buy: pharmacies, special sections of stores

Composition: animal food fat, water prepared with Ag-ions, lipophylic coplexes of wheat germs, seeds of milk thistle, grape stones (vitamins А, Е, polyunsaturated fatty acids of classes Оmega-3 and Оmega-6, gamma-linolenic acid, coenzime Q10, octaconazol), marine salt, natural aromatic composition. 100 % natural.

Recommended: for different massage kinds: hygienic, anti-cellulite, cosmetic (decreases seal after acne vulgaris, scars, wrinkles, double chin, overly fullness), sports (it tones the muscles and warms up, preparing it to active loading). Under the influence of the cream skin metabolism activates, increases its elasticity.

Application Warnings: hypersensitivity to the individual components of the cream.

Expiration date: 12 months after producing data. After tube opening cream should be used during 30 days, stored on the refrigerator door.

Instruction for use: apply a thin layer of cream on previously cleansed skin. Rub by careful movements at massage lines until completely absorbe. At the first minutes after the application it colors skin into a greenish-brown color, which quickly disappears.

Consumer packaging: laminate tube, the volume 40 ml.


Recipe № 20.4–32062796–02/2015


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