Vegetable oils for special medical purposes

Vegetable oils produced by SE LCC «Zhytomyrbioprodukt», trademark «An-nushka», are food products for special medical purposes. They are produced at the enterprise from plant seeds using low-temperature technology (oils of flax seeds, pumpkin, milk thistle) and low-temperature extraction (oils of amaranth seeds, wheat germ, oats, black cumin (nigella), grape seeds).

Benefits of vegetable oils
The main advantage of AN-Nushka oils is their naturalness. Also, no stabilizers or preservatives are used in their production. Raw materials for the production of oils are grown in ecologically favorable regions of Ukraine using the technology of organic farming, therefore our oils do not contain harmful synthetic chemicals: pesticides, herbicides, defoliants, etc. Both technological processes of oil production by our company are low-temperature. They do not allow heating of raw materials or a product at all stages of production above + 40 ° C, which ensures the preservation of fatty acids of vegetable oils in natural cis-forms, which are metabolically much more active than trans fatty acids formed during strong and prolonged heating of vegetable oils or during production margarines. Therefore, vegetable oils «An-nushka» are a kind of antidote when eating trans fats. At the same time, cis-fatty acids are absorbed by the body in the first place, and trans-fatty acids pass in transit, without having time to integrate into the metabolism.

Qualitative features of vegetable oils
Our oils are natural. The company produces not just high-quality vegetable oils, but oils with strictly controlled amounts of the main active substances or identifier substances characteristic of a particular type of oil. That is, we produce a product, the quality of which is controlled by the factory measuring laboratory for each batch of oils according to the substances mentioned: flax oil – according to the content of the sum of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 class, pumpkin oil – according to total carotene, amaranth oil – according to squalene, wheat germ oil – by total tocopherol, black cumin oil (nigella) – by essential oil, etc.

Composition of vegetable oils
Vegetable oils «An-nushka» are produced in different concentrations, standardized for a specific biologically active substance, bottled in bottles made of certified dark plastic for food storage.

Oils with the highest concentration of active ingredient (concentrates) are produced in flat 100 ml bottles with a dropper, oils with an average amount of active ingredient – in cylindrical 100 ml bottles, in cardboard boxes, oils with the lowest concentration – in flat 200 ml bottles. Lipophilic complexes “Women’s formula” and “Men’s formula” are also produced in 200 ml flat bottles. “Black cumin seed oil (nigella) lipophilic complex” is bottled in 30 ml cylindrical bottles with a dropper.

In oil compositions, corn germ oil is a transport oil (carrier) associated with the dose of the oil concentrate.

Recommendations for the use of oils and dosages Approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The high biological efficiency of using An-nushka oils is explained by the small size of fatty acid molecules and their microaggregates, which are close to nanoparticles in size.

The price for oils of trademark «An-nushka» in the retail network should be checked in pharmacies in your city. These oils can also be sold in specialty diabetics stores.

Where to buy vegetable oils
You can buy our vegetable oils in Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa or in any other locality of Ukraine – in a pharmacy chain, specialized departments of stores, online stores of pharmacy chains, where you can also buy edible (salad) oils of our production.

Vegetable oils «An-nushka» are characterized by high energy value – 889.5 kcal / 100 g of product. They also contain significant amounts of fat-soluble vitamins, primarily vitamins A, E.