Food products for diabetics

Nutrition for diabetics
Diabetes, as a systemic metabolic disease, requires strict adherence to the diet and the use of special foods containing small amounts of glucose, which include inulin, a plant analogue of insulin. SE LCC «Zhytomyrbioprodukt», trademark «An-nushka», produces a number of food products for diabetics, allowing to reduce the level of glucose in the blood due to the content of inulin in their composition (Buckwheat product with inulin), as well as sweeteners (fructose, sorbitol).

Features of food products for diabetics, trademark «An-nushka»
The main features of food products for diabetics of the trademark «An-nushka» are: their naturalness; scientifically substantiated one-time, daily and course doses, obtaining a number of products using low-temperature technology, in which the temperature does not exceed + 40 ° C in all technological production processes; they do not contain GMOs, dyes or preservatives. In addition, these products are available in convenient packaging. Therefore, we are proud to say – if you need to buy high quality products for diabetics – please contact us.

Products for diabetics, production. SE LCC «Zhytomyrbioprodukt», trademark «An-nushka», are characterized by high energy value – from 400 kcal / 100g of the product for fructose, 354 kcal / 100g for sorbitol and 300 kcal / 100g of the product for buckwheat with inulin.

Prescription of low-carbohydrate foods for diabetics, trademark «An-nushka»
These products are recommended for use in the diets of patients with type I and II diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders, excess weight, obesity, metabolic syndrome. They are effective for diseases of the cardiovascular system, including high cholesterol levels in the blood; diseases of the digestive system, hepatobiliary system, dysbiosis, as an element of the diet of athletes and elderly people.

Food sweeteners – fructose and sorbitol – are recommended as sources of carbohydrates in the diet of people with metabolic disorders, including diabetes mellitus. They are also widely used food products, both in the preparation of ordinary meals and for canning.

Thus, if we buy diabetic food products, trademark «An-nushka», and systematically eat them, we not only eat biologically complete foods, but also prevent excess weight, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Where to buy diabetic food products, trademark «An-nushka»
You can buy products for diabetics, trademark «An-nushka», in Zhytomyr, Kiyv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa or any other locality of Ukraine, in a pharmacy network, specialized departments of stores (where you can usually buy sorbitol and fructose in Ukraine), online stores of pharmacy chains, as well as directly from the manufacturing company, by placing an order by contact phones: (0412) 401-422; (0412) 445-315 or according to the form on our website

All food products of SE LCC «Zhytomyrbioprodukt» meet modern quality and food safety standards. The company has implemented an integrated quality and food safety management system that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2009 and ISO 22000: 2007.

You can buy wholesale products for diabetics by placing an order by calling the contact numbers of the manufacturing company: (0412) 401-422; (0412) 445-315. By calling the hotline 0800-500-399 (from landline phones in Ukraine – free of charge), you can get a doctor’s advice on the peculiarities of the use of diabetic products, trademark «An-nushka».

It should be emphasized that the use of diabetic products in nutrition will be much more effective with the simultaneous consumption of other products of the An-nushka trademark, in particular oils and grist. Oils of trademark «An-nushka» can be bought in the same pharmacies and specialized departments of stores as diabetic products. The price of diabetic products in the retail network should be checked in the pharmacies in your city.