Salad and mustard oils

Salad oils
Salad oils produced by SE LCC Zhytomyrbioproduct, trademark An-nushka are valuable food products. These are natural edible oils, which are compositions of various vegetable oils added to sunflower oil. Salad oils are packaged in transparent plastic bottles with a capacity of 250g.

Features of natural edible salad oils «An-nushka»
A distinctive feature of these oils is that they are obtained using low-temperature technology. At the same time, the upper temperature threshold for all technological processes of their production – from drying raw materials and extracting oil to storing finished products – does not exceed + 40 ° C, which ensures the preservation of fatty acids in the composition of these oils in natural cis-forms. Their use in food prevents the body from assimilating trans fatty acids, a significant amount of which is found in margarines, products with added margarines, as well as vegetable oils after heat treatment. Thus, if we buy these edible unrefined oils and systematically eat them, we not only eat biologically complete foods, but also introduce into the body a kind of antidote to trans fats, which, unfortunately, have become common in our diet. In addition, the composition of salad oils includes fat-soluble vitamins A, E. The significant content of these vitamins, as well as unsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 classes, determines the antioxidant effect of these oils.

Large selection of salad oils
Trademark «An-nushka» salad oils are produced with and without pepper, they have a delicate, mild taste, depending mainly on the specific taste of vegetable oil added to sunflower oil. For example, salad oil “Harbuzyk” has a delicate pleasant taste of fresh pumpkin seeds, oil “Rose thistle” is practically devoid of a specific taste, like the concentrate of milk thistle oil. Salad oils are characterized by various shades of yellow and high transparency.

Including parsley, red capsicum, clove, mustard seeds, bay leaf to these oils not only gives these products a festive look, but also an additional flavor and provides a healing effect. These oils provide activation of a metabolism in an organism, prevention of excess weight, increase of nonspecific immunity, increase of resistance to colds and infectious diseases.

These natural edible oils are used mainly for salads and other culinary dishes that do not require additional heat treatment. Frying in salad oils is not recommended. Otherwise, trans-fatty acids appear in these oils, the metabolic activity of oils, assimilation by the body, etc. decreases.

Where to buy edible oils trademark «An-nushka»
Buy edible oils in Kiyv, or in other cities, online stores of pharmacy chains, as well as directly from the manufacturer. by contacts on our website. All food products of SE LCC «Zhytomyrbioprodukt» meet modern quality and food safety standards. The company has implemented an integrated food safety management system that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2009 and ISO 22000: 2007.

Salad edible oils in bulk can be bought by placing an order by contacting the manufacturer’s phone numbers: (0412) 401-422; (0412) 445-315; 068 28 50 248. By calling the hotline (from landline telephones in Ukraine calls are free): 0-800-500-399, you can get a doctor’s advice regarding specific features or use. Salad oils can also be sold in specialty diabetic food stores.