Unrefined mustard oil, cold pressed, first grade

46,80 UAH


Product Description: it is produced in two kinds: top grade and the first grade which differ by quantity of erucic acid, peroxide value and acid value.

Release form: oily liquid

Where to buy: pharmacies, special sections of stores

Composition: 100% mustard unrefined oil of the first extraction. It contains fatty acids: saturated – 8,4%, monounsaturated – 44,2%, polyunsaturated – 47,3%, including Оmega-3 – not less 23%, and also liposoluble vitamins: vitamin А – not less 0,18 mg%, vitamin Е – not less 24,3 mg%.

Recommended: – diseases of cardio-vascular system (prevents development of atherosclerosis, decreases the risk of formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, reduces blood viscosity and improves the elasticity of blood vessels); – violation of lipid metabolism (improves the function of digestive system).

Application Warnings: Mustard oil is also used for culinary. Its spicy natural taste attaches particular attraction to salads, soups, splendor and pleasant mustard color to baking. Вaking for a long time does not get stale. Adding of mustard oil to vinaigrette, porridge, cereal garnishes, herring makes them unique taste of spring melody. Contrindications: it should be used with caution when myocardial diseases, gastritis with high acidity, entherocolitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Expiration date: 6 month to the producing date


  • supports normal hormonal balance, improves funtions of reproductive, nervous, endocrine systems;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • neutralizes the harmful effects of toxins, slags;
  • dicreases consequences of injuries, diseases of muscles and joints (due to glycoside sinergin which is oil component);
  • anaesthetises, improves blood circulation in locuses of localization of inflammatory processes.

It has long been used in composition of medical ointments, creams. When rubbed into the skin reduces rigidity (tension) muscles, tendons, so it often used in sports medicine. When rubbed into the head skin, application on the hair their prevents hair loss and graying. It has heating, local irritant action, therefore mustard oil is applied for massage, softing, cleaning and hydration of the skin, it protection against the appearance of wrinkles, premature aging, connected with the deficiency of female sex hormones or with excessive effect of UV rays.


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