Wheat germ oil, 250ml, dark glass bottle, metal stopper with dispenser

185,40 UAH

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Product Description: food product

Release form: oily liquid

Where to buy: pharmacies, special sections of stores

Composition: Wheat germ oil, obtained by the first cold pressing, it contains various biologically active substances. Oil is purified by upholding.

Recommended: Used to taste in cooking of salads, garnishes and other dishes not due to thermal processing.

Storage conditions: in the original packaging at a temperature not above 25°C. After opening the package, store in the refrigerator.

Expiration date: 1 year to the producing date.

Information about content on 100 g (107,4 ml) of wheat germ oil on 2,0 g (2,15 ml), tea spoon of wheat germ oil
Caloricity, kCal 898,0 18,00
Fats, g 99,75 2,00
Carbohydrates, g 0,00 0,00
Proteins 0,00 0,00
Transisomers in terms of methylelaidate not found not found
Unsaturated fatty acid ω3, mg 399,03 7,980
Unsaturated fatty acid ω6, mg 1565,47 31,31
Unsaturated fatty acid ω9, mg 591,23 11,83
Vitamin E, mg 37,20 0,74
Vitamin A, mg 1,70 0,034
Cholesterol, mg 0,00 0,00


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